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1:1 by Honey & The 45s

Directed & Edited by

Anna H. Gelman

Cinematography & Color by

Cody Nieset


Choreography by

Dani Wieder


Produced by

Jorge Silva & Bryce Bashford

Styled by

Misha Mical

Music and arrangement by

Honey & the 45s

Horn arrangements by

Jack Kramer

Lyrics by

Kristina Cottone and Sonya Major

Produced by

Dan Silberman and Honey & the 45s

Engineered and mixing by

Dan Silberman (Ridgeway Recording)

Mastered by

David Glasser (Airshow Mastering)

Album art by

Bryan Sundquist

Honey & the 45s:

Dave Brandwein (drums, percussion), Kristina Cottone (vocals),  Jon Gould (guitar), Sonya Major (vocals, keys), Sean Tatum (bass), Michael Vuckovich (percussion)

Guest musicians:

Eli Wilson (saxophone) Sam Lauritsen (trumpet) Daniel Silberman (keys, synths, programmed drums/percussion)


Bill Bullock, Crystal Ma, Alberto Mendoza, Sarah Ellen Miller


Will Burdin, Brian Gale, Jordan Golding, Ben Morphis, Jeffrey James Oleniacz, Nicholas Rosa, Dan Silberman

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