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I Am Going to Die Alone & I Am Not Afraid

A Furious History of the Holocaust 

devised by Anna H. Gelman, Lyle Sauer, Sonia Goldberg, Isabel Thompson, Sarah Giovannetti, Ariana Silvan-Grau, Zoe Savransky, Nyssa Lowenstein, Alec Phan, Becca Sebree, Zoe Benditt, Morgan Hunter, Alyssa Mohn, Adelina Feldman-Shultz


photos by Anna H. Gelman


How do you fight for the future you won't live to see? Told through both imagined and historical stories of rebels like Francesca Mann, who shot a Nazi Officer while being taken to the gas chambers, I Am Going to Die Alone and I Am Not Afraid is a devised play about resilience and tenacity in the face of violence. Exploring ancestral trauma and remembrance as rebellion, ...and I Am Not Afraid uses stories of exceptional bravery to expand the legacy of the Holocaust and examine oppression today. What lessons do we take from history, and how can we make sure Never Again means Never Again, for anyone? Premiered at Prop Thtr, Fall 2019.

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