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a story

adapted from the text of F. Scott Fitzgerald and directed by Anna H. Gelman & Zach Weinberg

devised by Anna H. Gelman, Zach Weinberg, Zoë DePreta, Jourdan Lewanda, Kat Christiansen, Will Burdin, Kenyai O'Neal, Brian Gale & Julian Serna


Using the 1919 May Day riots as a backdrop, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s May Day follows a host of characters across one night, interweaving the stories of privileged Yale alumni preparing for a dance and those less fortunate rioting in the streets.As we see the fates of Gordon, a depressed artist down on his luck, Edith, a socialite growing disenchanted with her lifestyle, and Rose, a poor soldier newly returned from the war, intersect and unravel, MAY DAY tells a story of class struggle, wealth inequality, and mental health issues that blurs the lines between the battles of today and a century ago. Premiered at Curious Theatre Branch's Rhino Fest, 2018.

photos by Anna H. Gelman

Rhino Fest - MAY DAY 1.JPG
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