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i'm anna 

I'm a director, editor & producer, working in both theater and film.  Across Chicago, I've worked with companies like Organic Theater Company, Red Tape Theatre, GreatWorks, 2nd Story, Prop Theatre, Rhino Fest, BorderLight International Theatre Festival, About Face Theatre, Walkabout Theater, Shattered Globe Theatre, Goodman Theatre, and others.  Currently, you can find me managing operations and producing live & hybrid events at  The Neo-Futurists & Mishkan Chicago,  as well as freelancing making things for the classroom, stage, and screen. In 2021, I was named one of the 50 People Who Really Perform for Chicago Theatre alongside the Managing & Artistic Directors of The Neo-Futurists. 

I was born, raised, and educated in 3 different Midwestern states, and once listened to 58 hours of Sufjan Stevens in one year. I am the co-chair of a fake film festival that is entirely a bit with my friends.  I haven't gotten rid of a single Norton Anthology I had to buy in college.

  I believe in radically collaborative art making, and would probably love to be on your team. 

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